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MAY 14, 2015

So much to do and so little time. You might be thinking we are talking about studying for finals, but you, my friend, are quite wrong. We know that all you want to do right now (and all the time, really) is eat and watch TV, the greatest of all American past times. We at the Clog have compiled a highly studied, 100 percent accurate, patient-tested list of the best TV shows and food pairings for you to enjoy over the next three months (a.k.a. summer).

1. Sushi and “Suits”

sushiSushi might just be one of the classiest foods to eat. A food that leaves such a decadent and rich taste should be accompanied by only the classiest of shows. “Suits,” a show about undeniably good-looking lawyers, could not be better suited for sushi.

2. Pizza and “Brooklyn 99”

Pizza5This show is composed of outlandish comedy. The plot is decent, but similarly to “The Other Guys,” it really comes second to the witty lines of the characters. We imagine watching this show with a simple, classic and honestly rustic food such as pizza to complement the straightforward and relaxed vibe of the show.

3. Boba and “50 First Dates”

Eunice Choi/ Staff

A classic movie accompanied by a classic (Berkeley) drink. This is rare gold for Adam Sandler, and the only logical pairing for such a comedic masterpiece is an equally tantalizing, textural and ambrosial drink — bubble tea. The subtle hint of sweetness in bubble tea is the perfect complement to the sweet, good-humored character of Sandler in the movie.

4. In-N-Out and “Friday Night Lights”

In-N-Out is really suitable for any and all television shows. But none so closely relates to the classic West Coast burger quite like this classic TV show does. Football is America’s sport, just as In-N-Out is quite arguably America’s food (at least for us West Coasters). This pairing is best consumed alone, when the dynamic flavors of animal fries can come to life with the background noise of Coach Taylor.

5. Hot dogs and “Tosh.0”

Top Dog!

No two things could make for a more disgusting combination. “Tosh.0” is a seemingly pointless show with an annoyingly loud and obnoxious host — yet, for some reason, people enjoy it. As hot dogs are, in many ways, the American guilty pleasure, the optimal drunk food, the pinnacle of saturated-fat-induced bliss, “Tosh.0” will help bring out the subtle notes of hating yourself the morning after a Top Dog run. That being said, hot dogs are delicious and do not lose any value by being paired with this show.

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MAY 13, 2015