Places to tan in Berkeley

Dana Smith/Creative Commons

Are you missing the Southern Californian sunshine? Are you regretting your Bay Area internship after realizing that it’s coming at the expense of your tan? Well, we’ve been there too. But luckily for all of us, we have discovered some great places around Berkeley to tan and pretend you’re in the tropics — or the desert, really, if you’re from Southern California.

Strawberry Canyon Pool1. The Strawberry Canyon Pool

Grab a towel and go watch people swim laps as you bask in the sun.

4757734889_7ddef19402_b2. Hearst swimming pool

Located on a roof, this pool is ideal for absorbing some rays, as it’s closer to the sun.

2345494485_196297ab5b_b3. Memorial Glade

With nearly everyone gone for summer, there’s no chance of your GSI stopping to say “hi” while you’re wearing your bathing suit, making summer the perfect time to be questionably underdressed on Memorial Glade.

56206102_57ef9064cb_b4. The Berkeley Marina 

Although it may be a little windy at times, on a warm summer afternoon the Berkeley Marina is a great place to get a bay view and relax for a minute.

Ashley Chen/Staff5. People’s Park

Feeling daring? Lay out with your towel, diet soda and magazine in People’s Park. You may even make some new friends!

Image sources: Courtesy of Recreational Sports, rosemarie_mckeonHenry ZbyszynskiDana Smith  via Creative Commons

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