8 activities to keep you active in Berkeley this summer

Katherine Velicki/File

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Stuck in Berkeley this summer and tired of seeing your friends posting their Thailand adventures on Instagram? Just because you’re here doesn’t mean you can’t be having fun too. Trick yourself into thinking you’re on vacation by switching up your routine and getting active with these fun exercises.

1. Windsurfing

Try something exciting and take a half-day windsurfing class! Classes are held every weekend on the Berkeley Marina and San Francisco Bay. Once you have completed a class, you are able to take more classes or rent equipment by the hour. Who doesn’t want to windsurf?

2. Hip-Hop dance class at the RSF

Ready for a fun, high-energy exercise session? Just follow our favorite instructor Momo’s dance moves in his BodyWerk class, and you’ll be having the time of your life — not to mention you’ll be getting a great total body workout. See the weekly schedule for times.

3. Swimming  

Catch some sun and go for a refreshing plunge out of the heat. And don’t worry — even on those cloudy summer days, the pools are heated. Choose from Golden Bear, Hearst, Spieker and Strawberry Canyon pools. Check this schedule for open times.

4. Kayaking

Feeling adventurous? Not only is kayaking a great arm workout, but it also allows you to breathe in the fresh air by the water to clear your mind from that summer class or internship. You will forget your stress on land as you travel across the open bay. There are a variety of options with different times of day and locations to choose from. Want to go at sunset? During a full moon? Or all day? Check out the full range of options here.

5. Train for a run

There are numerous runs occurring around the Berkeley area this summer. You can sign up to complete a few miles or a full 50-kilometer run. Be sure to check out Canyon Meadow Trail Run on June 20 and The Cinderella Trail Run on Aug. 15. Happy training! Which leads us to …

6. Hike the Fire Trails

Whether you are training for a run or just want to take a relaxing walk in the Berkeley Hills, the Fire Trails are a great destination. Go to watch the sunrise (5 a.m.) or sunset (7 p.m.) at the trails above Clark Kerr and take in the beautiful views of the Bay Area and San Francisco city.

7. HIIT workout classes at the RSF

You will feel the effects of any of Shane’s workouts the day after — guaranteed. Our favorite instructor switches up routines often so you don’t get bored, and you are sure to see results quickly. The weekly schedule is available here.

8. Play pickup basketball at People’s Park

Bring some friends and a basketball to the outdoor court at People’s Park to play some scrimmage. There, you can take in the culture and get to know the friendly inhabitants.

Image source: Katherine Velicki

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