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What we should be doing during summer break but don't

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MAY 25, 2015

During the school year, we had high expectations for what we would accomplish during summer break. But as soon as the school year ended, suddenly a wave of laziness hit us, and now we have trouble following up on the summer to-do list saved in our iPhone’s notes. As disappointing and unproductive as we will be, at least we will have the fun we deserve to have. Just to further shame ourselves, here are some of the things that we should be doing but probably won’t.

1. Losing the freshman 15

That carb weight that we packed on from stress eating is no joke, and we are at a point in our lives where we look back on our old Facebook pictures and admire how skinny we used to be. Maybe we should hit the gym as soon as possible, or maybe we just won’t get as much wear out of our bikinis and speedos this year. Either one is an equally viable option.

2. Looking for jobs and internships

Without classes and homework clogging up our schedule, we have plenty of time to search for our dream job or anything with a decent pay, really. All that needs to be done is to go on various websites and fill out the corresponding forms. Yet, Netflix, Youtube and friends always seem to take precedence, and we end up jobless, internship-less or stuck with the same job that we can’t wait to leave.

3. Spending time with family

Even though they are the ones who paid for our flight ticket, our families are unfortunately not prioritized during our stay back home. Maybe we will play Monopoly with them once or twice, but most days, we either meet up with old friends or lock ourselves in our rooms. We’ve gotten homesick several times, but we certainly don’t show our family how much we missed them. Just like how we barely spent time with our families when we were in high school, we will barely spend time with them during this summer break.

4. Doing a “postmortem”

With the school year over, summer break is the perfect time to reflect upon our past performances and plan for the future. How much our Yakarma increased over dead week is a good indicator of how much we need to work on our studying habits. Then, maybe next semester, we wouldn’t cringe every time we check our grade updates on bCourses. Nonetheless, the thought of school and responsibilities sickens us, so self-reflection steers clear away from our minds during break.

5. Just getting our shit together in general

Whether it was cleaning out the junk from our closets or organizing the massive amount of paperwork piled up from finals, all of it seemed like too much work. Our summer days feel better spent watching seasons upon seasons of Friends on Netflix. Our hair that we’ve been meaning to get cut and the wardrobe we were hoping to revamp will remain the same at the end of break.

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MAY 25, 2015

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