An ode to social media savvy professors at UC Berkeley

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You’re enjoying your summer, full of fun,
Relaxing at the beach, interning or playing in the sun,
Spending time with family, chillin’ with friends.
“OMG, I wish this summer would never end!”

By planes, trains or automobiles,
You came to UC Berkeley to check it out, to have a feel.
CalSO is the place to help you find your place
You will jump around dancing “The Time Warp,” so remember to bring your knee brace.

You’ll learn about first-year experiences, clubs and diversity
And choose your classes — perhaps Drugs and the Brain with David Presti.
From Math 16B to Chemistry 3A to Peace and Conflict Studies 10,
You might see your professor in lecture and then never, ever again.

I’ll never hear from my professor — he doesn’t really care.
All he does is write his next book in his office — his so-called “lair.”
But there is no need to fear,
‘Cause accessible, social media-savvy professors are here!

Professor Martha Olney’s presence on Twitter is insightful and sentimental.
She will prove that in many disciplines, economics is quite central,
Posting links from the New York Times, critically analyzing the news.
Take Economics 1 with her in the fall; for many majors, it’s a class you must choose.

Maggie Sokolik tweets as well,
With student eyes glued to her feed, as if she cast them under a spell.
From book club announcements to inspirational thoughts to tasteful book reviews,
She teaches college writing — for some, she is a muse.

You won’t want to miss Wealth and Poverty.
It’s a great class with Robert Reich, Public Policy C103.
He posts analytical questions on Facebook,
Creating a dialogue and providing his outlook.

Each year, some 48 million Americans come down with food-borne illnesses — a staggering statistic, which lead to…

Posted by Robert Reich on Thursday, April 9, 2015

Back on Twitter, we meet Edward Frenkel.
Formulas in linear algebra are often difficult to finagle.
From Pi Day to movie festivals,
His commentary on life is always a nice spectacle.

So there you have it, some of our most technological professors.
Follow them and they might seem more like teachers and less like oppressors .
They tweet, Facebook and Instagram to connect with you.
Remember to check your professors’ social media — maybe your professors will post a clue!

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