Looking at campus resources not every student knows about

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While our academic merit and unique achievements helped us get into UC Berkeley, now that we’re here, who are we to shy away from a little help? The same excellence that makes UC Berkeley a top school can also make it intimidating and overwhelming. Below we’ve compiled a list of what we believe to be some of the campus’s most useful and potentially underutilized resources.

Libraries and library services

As we’ve been told again and again, UC Berkeley houses one of the largest and most diverse arrays of books around the nation. Not only are students privileged to have access to these books, but we also have access to a phenomenal and often underutilized library program. Undergraduates can schedule a one-on-one appointment with one of the campus librarians to receive guidance on an upcoming research paper, essay or project. You also have access to 10 million printed volumes as well as a world-class collection of online databases, journals and scientific studies.

Open Computing Facility

Located in Hearst Gym, the Open Computing Facility is a volunteer-based, student-run organization that provides free printing to students. Printing is expensive, but thanks to the OCF, students may print up to 250 pages for free every semester. So don’t waste your money printing in the libraries or at your residence hall — instead, pop over to the OCF to satisfy your printing needs.

Campus events

Believe it or not, Berkeley’s everyday goings-on extend beyond your personal course load. Check out The Daily Californian’s “Picks of the week” and “Week in events” posts to see what other students like to do in their free time. Or check out the official UC Berkeley Events Calendar now and again to catch up on events happening on campus. From ongoing exhibitions to special guest speakers to free film screenings to home sporting events, the Daily Cal and the UC Berkeley Events Calendar are central locations to go to for a variety of Berkeley events.

Bear Transit

As UC Berkeley students, we have access to a complimentary shuttle system. In addition to myriad AC Transit buses we can access because of our free student bus pass, Bear Transit shuttles students all the way up to the Lawrence Hall of Science, the Clark Kerr Campus, around the main campus and all the way to the off-campus Richmond Field Station. Additionally, Bear Transit offers a Night Safety Shuttle service so that students don’t have to roam the streets of Berkeley alone at night.

Campus tutoring

Both the Student Learning Center and the residence halls offer academic tutoring to students. The SLC offers academic help in a variety of subjects, including math, science, writing and the social sciences. Similarly, drop-in tutoring services offered in the residence halls cover a broad range of subjects, including introductory courses in chemistry, physics, math and writing.

Disabled Students’ Program

While available only to students with a disability of some sort, the Disabled Students’ Program is an important campus resource. Benefits include testing accommodations, reduced course-load accommodations, an earlier Tele-BEARS appointment time, access to DSP specialists and more. Just go onto the DSP website to apply for these accommodations. 

Berkeley Connect

The Berkeley Connect program is a great way to make UC Berkeley feel a little smaller and can provide some direction to your undergraduate journey. Berkeley Connect is a one-unit course offered in a variety of campus departments, including architecture, music, philosophy, physics, English and math.


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