Quiz: Which Berkeley restaurant do you miss the most?

Brenna Alexander/Staff
Various ingredients ready to be used at Chez Panisse.

It’s summer, and even if you’re enjoying your break from classes, essays and midterms, you might be missing Berkeley. Especially the food. Take this quiz to find out which Berkeley restaurant you’re missing the most this summer.

  1. How have you been spending your summer?
    1. At home chillin’ with my high school homies
    2. Working tirelessly at an internship
    3. Studying abroad
    4. Taking classes
  2. During the semester, which of these places are you most likely to be?
    1. Frat party
    2. The library
    3. The Pacific Film Archive
    4. Crossroads
  3. Pick an herb or spice.
    1. Is cheese a spice?
    2. Curry
    3. Rosemary
    4. Pepper
  4. Which is your favorite Berkeley lawn, glade or park?
    1. Memorial Glade
    2. Hearst Mining Circle
    3. Eucalyptus Grove
    4. North Field
  5. What’s your spirit Cal symbol?
    1. Oski
    2. Squirrel
    3. The Campanile
    4. I guess the Golden Bear?
    1. seniores3 Seniore’s Pizza: Probably the biggest bummer about being at home is that after a big night out, everything is closed. When it’s 2 a.m. and you’re feeling the drunchies hard, you’re really hurting for a cheese slice — or ten — from Seniore’s.
    2. asian ghettoAsian Ghetto: After a long day of work or studying, nothing hits the spot like a huge plate of Pad Thai. And with the cheap prices in the Asian Ghetto, you couldn’t possibly be craving anything else after a long day.
    3.  sushi manpukuManpuku: Actually good sushi is so hard to come by, and you’ve been spoiled in Berkeley with Manpuku’s great service, good prices and delicious sushi. Also, Elmwood’s quaint vibes just can’t be replicated, y’know?
    4. Anna Vignet/StaffCrossroads: Call you unoriginal, but really, what beats all-you-can-eat food that’s (kind of) free — meal points aren’t real money, right? You’re missing the ease and consistency of the dining halls.

Image source: Courtesy of Caliber Magazine, Coca-Carlo under Creative Commons