PSA for baby Bears: making life easier at UC Berkeley

Persia Salehi/File

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1. Use Google maps to find buildings on campus instead of the Cal 1 Card map.

Your phone is not only your savior when it comes to avoiding awkward situations, but it can also help you not get lost or look too freshman-y with a map in your hands. With the comforting sound of the female recording voice giving you directions to class, you’ll have little chance of getting lost.

2. Watch the recorded lectures instead of going to class.

If getting up early in the morning to be at a 90-minute lecture is your forte, by all means go for it. But for those of you who aren’t morning people, watching the lectures in your dorms with a plate of food at hand will help you retain information in your heads much better. And assuming your professors still sound coherent when the videos are twice the speed, it may actually save you time.

3. Get familiar with the buses and Bear Transit and/or get the Smart Ride app. 

Downtown Berkeley is a fun place, even more so if you don’t have to walk there. The 51B bus line is the answer to your laziness problems, and you can now enjoy all the restaurants and Bezerkeley shops without the exercise.

4. Use meal points on the cafes on campus instead of the dining commons. 

Don’t like what’s on the menu in the dining commons? Instead of spending your money at a restaurant and ending up with excess meal points at the end of the semester, use the meal points on campus cafes such as Pat Brown’s or Ramona’s.

5. Cover your phone with a Ziplock bag (or a condom) for events such as Holi. 

Holi may not be until the end of the year, but it’s great to be prepared. Make sure to keep your phone protected from water damage. How are we supposed to avoid an awkward conversation with the high school classmate you pass by every day if we can’t engage ourselves on a functioning phone? Do whatever works to keep your phone clean and working — even if it means wasting a condom on it.

6. Invest in a drying rack to save money on drying clothes in the long term.

Cut the laundry cost in half every week by investing in a drying rack. Not only will your clothes shrink less, but you’ll die a little less inside every time we do laundry.

7. Walk out with a fruit after dinner. 

As poor, broke college students, we know even the cost of fruits will burn a hole in your pockets. Though you may be too full after dinner to consume your daily dose of vitamins, taking an orange or apple for a late-night snack will give more health benefits than the donut from King Pin.

8. Check Free & For Sale before buying anything expensive for its full price. 

Even though getting furniture off Free & For Sale is like a game of “survival of the fittest,” those cheap (and sometimes free) bed frames and drawers can save you hundreds of dollars, which gives you more money to decorate your room like it came right out of an Anthropologie catalogue.

Photographer: Persia Salehi, Staff

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