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How to navigate Chipotle's menu

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JUNE 04, 2015

We at the Daily Clog are not ashamed to admit that we often frequent the house of the original burrito bowl — Chipotle. Our time spent at Chipotle has been focused on navigating the many options available, options which most people know nothing about. There seems to be a misconception that the only items you can buy at Chipotle are burritos and burrito bowls. We are here to lead you to the promised land of endless burrito opportunities.*

You can ask for extra anything (except for meat or guacamole).

When walking down the line of chipotle employees asking you if you want white or brown rice, black or pinto beans, don’t be afraid to ask for extra rice. Raise your voice against the small servings Chipotle workers have taken to placing in your bowl! You can ask for an extra portion of most items but not meat or guacamole.

You can get a bowl and ask for a tortilla (any size) on the side.

You’ve been waiting in line for 10 minutes, and the employee behind the counter asks you the most difficult question you will have to face — “Burrito or bowl?” In panic, you respond, “burrito,” a decision that will haunt you by the time you reach the end of the service line. Fear not, young Padawan, you can choose both. If opting for the bowl, ask for a tortilla on the side. They’ll even warm it up for you. Or you can choose to have your burrito placed in a bowl for added burrito security.

Don’t be afraid to get the grilled fajita veggies.

Many carnivorous Chipotle connoisseurs pass by the grilled fajita veggies, relegating it to the land of the vegetarians. However, the grilled fajita veggies are available on any burrito or bowl, regardless of its meat status.

Have a salsa party.

You can ask for multiple types of salsa on any of your burrito-like items. If you want to have a salsa party, you can have a salsa party.

Go for half-and-half meat.

Can’t decide what type of meat to get? Ask for half and half. You won’t be charged extra unless there is a difference in the types of meat you are choosing. For instance, if you ask for half barbacoa and half chicken, you will be charged for the more expensive meat — the barbacoa.

Ask for extra fresh cilantro.

Chipotle usually has a stash of fresh cilantro behind the counter. If you like cilantro and don’t think it tastes like dirt, it’s worth your time to inquire whether they have cilantro.

Nachos are an option.  

Instead of getting a burrito bowl with rice, ask for chips. A whole new world is now open to you. You will be charged the price of a burrito bowl.

Guacamole is free on an all-veggie burrito/burrito bowl.

This is a pretty excellent revelation we had while standing in line at Chipotle. You can replace your meat with guacamole and not be charged extra. Technically this makes your bowl/burrito a vegetarian option, but the price of guacamole in these parts has ridden to an all-time high. (Note: This applies only to veggie bowls, not sofritas.)

The Quesarito is real.

For the Chipotle adventurer, try the Quesarito. It’s a burrito that uses a quesadilla as the tortilla. That’s all that needs to be said — except you should keep in mind that you will be charged for both a quesadilla and a burrito.

And so is the Burritodilla.

The Burritodilla is an exceptional invention and can be looked at as the younger sibling of the Quesarito. It is a quesadilla that is melted with the toppings one usually finds on a burrito (toppings of your choice, of course). You are charged the price of a quesadilla plus the price of each additional topping.

*These Chipotle options have been confirmed to be available at most Chipotle restaurants.

Image source: Michael Saechang

Contact Sophia Zepeda at [email protected].

JUNE 03, 2015

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