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JUNE 05, 2015

Who makes their own jam? Really, other than huge companies and provincial fruit farmers who have stands at the markets on Saturdays, who does? Unlike, say, guacamole or hummus, jam isn’t something that you process as a spread you can make yourself. Maybe it seems cumbersome or time consuming, but we would like to prove you wrong. When you think about what jam really is, you realize it’s just a bunch of mushed up fruit that’s been thickened up, sweetened and ends up being the perfect accompaniment to toast. When you read over this recipe, you’ll start kicking yourself for not trying your hand at making jam sooner.



– 3 cups fruit of your choice, chopped (we used strawberries)

– Half a lemon

– ½ cup of sugar (adjust depending on sweetness of your fruit)

– Optional Herbs/Spices (we used basil)



1. Freeze spoons. These will be used to check if the jam has set later.

2. Place fruit and sugar in a heavy-bottomed saucepan. Squeeze lemon over the fruit sugar mixture and then throw the leftover rind in the pan too. Mash up the fruit to release the juices.

2015-06-03 16.23.403. Warm mixture over medium heat stirring frequently.

4. Once it starts to boil, add in herbs and spices. Leave it to boil until the bubbles become smaller and more densely clustered — roughly 5 to 9 minutes.

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5. Check if jam has set, dipping the frozen spoon into the jam and watching the jam drop off. The jam should be thick and the drops should clump together. Mash it up more if you want a smoother consistency.

6. If it has set, turn off the heat and pour into a sterilized mason jar and store in the refrigerator. If it has not, continue to boil checking frequently whether or not it has set.

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JUNE 04, 2015