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Quiz: Which independent Berkeley bookstore are you?

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JUNE 19, 2015

Have you been dying to know which carefully curated, charmingly cluttered, heroically embattled-in-a-possibly-futile-but-proud-fight-against-Amazon-and-Kindles, independent Berkeley bookstore best describes your personality? Then this is the quiz for you!


  1. Which frequently spotted campus animal do you kind of want to take home as a pet?
    1. Sparrows
    2. Raccoons
    3. A beautiful deer
    4. Squirrels
    5. Skunks
  2. Pick a Harry Potter:
    1. Goblet of Fire
    2. You’re more of a Lord of the Rings person.
    3. Prisoner of Azkaban
    4. Sorcerer’s Stone
    5. Order of the Phoenix
  3. It’s noon on Sunday, and you’re eating:
    1. Lemon gingerbread pancakes at La Note
    2. A breakfast burrito at Cafe Durant
    3. A poached egg sandwich at Elmwood Cafe
    4. A very large bowl of salad at Crossroads using some extra meal points you had
    5. An omelette and home fries at Bleecker
  4. Which rapper do you like best?
    1. Drake
    2. Chance the Rapper
    3. Killer Mike
    4. Jay-Z
    5. Danny Brown
  5. What section of the Daily Cal is your favorite?
    1. The Clog
    2. Opinion
    3. The Weekender
    4. News
    5. Arts & Entertainment
  6. Pick a Berkeley building:
    1. Doe Library
    2. Dwinelle
    3. Wheeler
    4. Sutardja Dai
    5. Mulford
  7. What’s your cup?
    1. A mason jar
    2. A frisbee
    3. A souvenir mug you bought at a historical site
    4. A Camelbak water bottle
    5. A pot you made yourself in ceramics class
    1. dalloway_jtanjiYou are Mrs. Dalloway’s. You are quaint and sweet and very neat. Your friends often call you the grandparent of the group, and you take pride in your vast collection of cardigans, your tolerance for long films about WWII and the fact that your room always smells pleasantly of lavender.
    2. Shakespeare and CoYou are Shakespeare & Co. You are messy, exciting and a little eccentric. People often have no idea what you’re talking about, but it sure sounds interesting! We’re always truly sad to see you go. Au revoir, Shakespeare & Co.
    3. University Press BookYou are University Press Books. You are more sense than sensibility. In your spare time, you can be found color coding your planner so you can keep track of all the chamber music performances you want to catch this month — right after you wipe your glasses.
    4. You are Moe’s Books. People often describe you as “sophisticated” or “put together.” After class, you volunteer in a mentor program, go for a jog, cook yourself dinner and then settle in to enjoy a novel but also finish all your homework.
    5. Pegasus BooksYou are Pegasus Books. You can usually be found holding your own in a mosh pit or scouring a flea market for something interesting — to inspire your zine. When you go home, people like to say that you’re “very Berkeley.”


Image Source: Thomas Hawk via Creative Commons


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JUNE 18, 2015