Berkeley scenes in the summer

During the year, campus is humming with life. Whether you’re trying to evade the flyers on Sproul Plaza, catching an a capella group perform by Sather Gate or being tutored at the Student Learning Center, there are always people around every corner. Over the summer, however, campus life changes: Once most Bears head home or abroad for the summer, the construction machines come out and fences go up. It’s no longer a struggle to find studying spaces, and instead of running into tour groups, you run into CalSO groups. One thing remains the same: Berkeley’s unpredictable weather.


If April showers bring May flowers, then June should surely bring some quality sunbathing days on Memorial Glade.


Finding a spot in the Student Learning Center definitely won’t be a problem over the summer.


During the year, you might have had difficulty navigating around tour groups on your way to classes. During the summer, those tour groups get replaced with CalSO tours. On the bright side, nobody’s flyering on Sproul.


Whatever the season, construction seems to be a permanent fixture on campus.


Whether you feel like delving into the pages of a good novel or just lazying around, the campus lawns are a perfect place to do so this summer.


High-key perk of rain-day events? Two words: food trucks. As if there weren’t already enough food choices around campus.


It’s never too late for some spring cleaning in the summer, though there’s no guarantee it won’t be an uphill battle.


The swings near the Big C have been fixed, and summertime is the perfect time to enjoy the view. Just don’t try to plan your trip in advance — embrace spontaneity as soon as the sun starts shining.