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Quiz: Which Spice Girl are you?

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JUNE 23, 2015

The 1990s would have been nothing without the Spice Girls. The world from 1994 to 2000 would have been a much darker place without this pop group singing about girl power and suggesting that you too can be confident enough to bare your midriff to the world seven days a week. Since all things 90s have had a major revival over the last couple of years, what better time than now to take a quiz to figure out which Spice Girl you are?


  1. Choose a spice.
    1. Paprika
    2. Star Anise
    3. Nutmeg
    4. Ginger
    5. Saffron
  2. Favorite place in Berkeley?
    1. That karaoke bar near Durant and Telegraph Avenues
    2. Fire Trails
    3. Berkeley Rose Garden
    4. Doe Library
    5. Gourmet Ghetto
  3. Favorite 90s trend?
    1. Chockers
    2. Crop tops
    3. Platform shoes
    4. Dark lipstick
    5. Slip dresses
  4. People would describe you as:
    1. Fearless
    2. Driven
    3. Compassionate
    4. Energetic
    5. To the point
  5. Pick a bird.
    1. Peacock
    2. Hawk
    3. Flamingo
    4. Parrot
    5. Crane
  6. What are you doing this summer?
    1. Dancing every night
    2. Training for a marathon
    3. Volunteering at an animal shelter
    4. Slaving away at your internship
    5. Working in a boutique on College Avenue
    1. You are Scary Spice! You are loud and proud. Some may call you a diva, but you take that as a compliment. Nobody wants to mess with you.
    2. You are Sporty Spice! Nobody does a better backflip than you. People love you for your adventurous spirit and fun-loving attitude. Nothing can get in the way of your competitive drive.
    3. You are Baby Spice! People think you’re the cutest, sweetest thing because you haven’t outgrown a predilection for lollipops and pigtails.
    4. You are Ginger Spice! You’re the leader of the group unofficially. People are drawn to the fiery, passionate spirit that matches your hair.
    5. You are Posh Spice! Elegance, refinement and classy people are associated with you. You can be a bit of a snob at times, though.


Image source: InSapphoWeTrust

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JUNE 22, 2015