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Ikea hacks: Personalize your apartment

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JUNE 24, 2015

Being a college student means that 90 percent of your furniture is from Ikea. The low prices and functionality of their designs make it an obvious choice as the premier furnisher of the destitute college student. The durability of Ikea furniture is questionable but in a way that only further rationalizes purchasing. Transient furnishings for a temporary living situation. Ikea’s minimalistic style and neutral color schemes create a homogeneity amongst students’ apartments that is a result of circumstance, not necessarily choice. Ikea hacking, however, solves this problem. Ikea furniture already requires you to assemble it, so why not take it a step further and make a few additions or add a couple of layers of colorful paint. Maybe, if you feel quite handy and motivated, you can completely repurpose what was a nightstand into an under-the-bed storage system. The possibilities are unlimited and yours for the taking if you feel so inclined. To aid you in the midst of the decorating process, we at the Clog have put together a hodge podge of different do-it-yourself projects that will transform the basic Ikea furniture into something that’s more individualistic.

Under-the-bed storage

We’re always looking for more places to discretely store our stuff in. This hack is fairly simple and just involves placing some dresser drawers under a bed with some extra space underneath. It’s easy and looks nicer than plastic bins.

An “antique” bedframe

This hack refashions a brand-new bed frame into something that looks like an heirloom from your grandmother’s house. The pastel coat of paint makes it even more charming and romantic.

Bar cart

A bar cart clears up room in your cupboard and centralizes all your liquor into one convenient spot. It also makes you feel like you’re in an episode of Mad Men. This project adds a fresh coat of gold paint to liven up the cart.

Mid-century dining table

By swapping out the original table legs with hairpin legs, this hack transform a basic table into a table that looks like it was designed by the Eames.

Window herb garden

With a shower rod, a couple of cutlery caddies and some hooks, you can make your own indoor herb garden. Now, instead of spending too much money on store-bought herbs, you can just reach up and pick a few leaves from your hanging garden.

Gold and marble shelves

Gold spray paint and marble contact paper elevate this standard shelving unit. This gilded bookshelf is beautiful but simplistic enough to not steal attention away from your books or various knick knacks perched on the shelves.

Image source: Arie Westerduin

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JUNE 23, 2015