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An ode to donuts

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JUNE 29, 2015

Donuts, in all their circular perfection, are what we all really want when we wake up in the morning. Sure, we can fool ourselves into thinking that a green smoothie is just as good, but we all know in our heart of hearts that the equation for a perfect breakfast must include at least one of these light, pillowy-soft treats. No feeling can compare to licking the glaze off your fingers after just finishing a donut and sitting back to finish your cup of coffee. In honor of our beloved donuts — which are often tragically ignored in Berkeley, where there is a serious lack of donut-eries — we at the Clog have composed an ode to honor them and, hopefully, to call on the community to bring more donuts to our town.

“An Ode to Donuts”

Oh, Aurora, how I dined this dawn!

A most curious treat I did meet,

Which left my memory impregnated upon,

With remembrances of softness and a glaze so sweet.


A finer delight ne’er met my eye

As the glare of neon from Krispy Kreme’s sign.

Detained in line, I watched my future meal fry.

Smacking my lips, I chose those that were most divine.


A pimply dreg questioned my acquisition.

A dozen is not only for many.

Oh, cashier, such a brainless intuition.

No fellow coworkers will be getting any.


The solitary cure for my despondency,

A jelly filling oh so sweet,

A worthwhile trek in the Honda Odyssey.

Oh, donut, thy breakfast brethren cannot compete.

My hands glow with glaze and grease.

Now I am at once at peace.

Contact Nora Harhen at [email protected].

JUNE 29, 2015

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