22 thoughts we had during San Francisco Pride

Rayanne Piaña/File

The San Francisco Pride parade was filled with fun, rainbows and celebration. Here are some of the thoughts we at the Clog had while celebrating.

  1. We took the BART all the way to San Francisco for this.
  2. We need to get at least 10 amazing pictures out of this trip.
  3. My mom is going to be so proud of me when she sees my picture with the guy wearing a penis hat.
  4. I wonder how much it hurts to take pasties off.
  5. I’m totally going to do this again when I’m 80.
  6. I should have worked out before wearing this outfit.
  7. I’ve seen way too much of that man’s penis.
  8. Where do I get the free stickers?
  9. Should I actually follow the person I just met on Instagram?
  10. I should get a bacon-wrapped hot dog
  11. Bacon-wrapped hot dogs are so overpriced.
  12. Maybe next year I’ll sell bacon-wrapped hot dogs instead.
  13. Should I take a hit of that stranger’s blunt?
  14. There is that man with the penis again.
  15. Isn’t that a rave outfit?
  16. Where is everyone getting their free sex toys?
  17. The popsicles are $3?
  18. There has to be a booth with cheaper popsicles.
  19. They’re so hooking up afterwards.
  20. Whom am I hooking up with afterward?
  21. I can’t believe this is a $40 taxi ride back.
  22. I spent way too much money today.

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