Which firework should you buy for the Fourth of July?

Tony Zhou/File
Tony Zhou/Staff

The Fourth of July — a day full of barbecue, sunshine, and red, white and blue everything! Another key aspect of a perfect Fourth of July is fireworks. No Fourth of July is complete without those loud, sparkly fireworks that light up the sky.

  1. What is your favorite holiday?
    1. Christmas
    2. President’s Day
    3. Thanksgiving
    4. Fourth of July … duh!
    5. My birthday
  2. On the Fourth, you can most likely be found:
    1. Having a traditional barbecue
    2. Hanging out with friends and taking Instagram-worthy photos
    3. Eating dinner at home
    4. At a rager
    5. Driving around listening to country music
  3. Your dinner on the Fourth of July will most likely be:
    1. Hot dog and apple pie
    2. Sushi
    3. Leftovers
    4. A feast of everything fit for a king (or a Founding Father)
    5. In-N-Out
  4. Your ideal weekend would include which of the following?
    1. Sunday brunch with all your friends and bottomless mimosas
    2. A hike to the Big C
    3. Catching up on all your shows
    4. Party all day (and night)
    5. A small kickback with your close friends
  5. Which is your favorite Berkeley building?
    1. Pimentel
    2. Wheeler
    3. Evans
    4. Tolman
    5. Stanley
  6. What is your dream job?
    1. Professional athlete
    2. Fashion designer
    3. Anything that lets me work from home
    4. Game show host
    5. Professor
  7. What is your favorite sport?
    1. Baseball
    2. Basketball
    3. Golf
    4. Football
    5. Soccer
    1. Firecracker: You are a classic when it comes to Fourth of July. Your Fourth of July will be traditional with an all-American theme. Go enjoy your apple pie with these classic fireworks.
    2. Sparklers: You might be basic, but you never get old. Your Instagram posts are all perfectly posed and professional. You are sweet, kind and charming.
    3. Don’t buy fireworks: Fourth of July might not be your favorite holiday, but that is totally fine! You do you. Watch TV and go to bed early. Fireworks aren’t really your thing.  Instead, use this time to explore the Internet (if you haven’t covered most of it already).
    4. Roman candle fireworks: You are the life of the party — especially on the Fourth of July. You are loud and draw everyone’s attention. You truly are the star of the show.
    5. Bottle rockets: Classic with a twist. This is a “safer” bet for outdoor fun than some other, slightly more dangerous fireworks, but they are well worth it. Your Fourth of July is low-key and really just gives you an extra excuse to hang out with some really good friends.


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