Immediately after the landmark Supreme Court decision that legalized gay marriage nationwide, this year’s San Francisco Pride was a remarkable celebration of love and acceptance. For one weekend, the people of San Francisco gathered in a vibrant crowd of rainbows and glitter — key, symbolic trends spotted at this year’s festivities. Here are some outfits that caught our eye.

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Ryan Patrick Welsh’s glittery, tropical-print shirt added a vintage-glam touch to his pride outfit.

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Sunya Whitelight and Razio Rodriguez wore all sorts of funky, innovative accessories, including Whitelight’s rainbow cape and Rodriguez’s wings. A local jewelry designer, Rodriguez was excited to show off a necklace he made.

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Stanley Tse and Catherine Feng were subtly matching with their denim shorts.

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Elias Harrison nonchalantly rocked a coveted Raf Simons shirt.

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Jodi Schaffer and Varney Johnson spontaneously posed in the streets seconds after meeting each other. Johnson’s pink-and-purple camouflage was the perfect match for Schaffer’s metallic magenta outfit.

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Chi Chi, Mary Magnum and Mars costumed themselves as a stormtrooper, a goth-inspired drag queen and a tattooed cherub, respectively.

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Jordan Miller and Leslie Schmitz were a duo worth noting. Miller’s metallic shades and wild, saturated short-sleeve shirt make for an eye-catching outfit.

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Jeremy Kirshbaum’s mom gifted him with this amazing vintage piece: a bedazzled denim jacket with a colorful painting of San Francisco.

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