The most ridiculous stock photos

Stock photos are wonderful when you need a royalty-free photo for whatever purposes. Generally, they’re a bit corny, and there’s something slightly off about them, but they get the point across. But occasionally, when searching through the pages upon pages of available stock photos, you find a picture you have no idea how it could ever be used. We at the Clog have put together some of the most ridiculous ones we’ve found for your enjoyment, so you don’t have to.


The strange watermelon man

Watermelon men


This is a popular motif for Shutterstock. We don’t have a clue why. Maybe he’s a superhero from another country whom we’re unaware of. Please provide us with some answers, Shutterstock, please.


Women doing strange things

strange women

These poor models. Nobody should be forced to lick a cactus or bologna or wear strange face paint and look overly happy and excited about doing it.


Anthropomorphic animals doing weird things


Sure, these may be things you do on the weekends, but this isn’t something you expect to find when you come home to your dog, and this certainly is not something you expect to see in a zoo. Who uses these pictures, and why? We need answers!


Strange men doing even stranger things

strange men

Don’t we all like to casually balance fruit on our clavicles, pretend we’re conductors (or possibly magicians?) and of course clone ourselves and wear paper bags with drawn-on faces over our own heads?


Who has arguments like this?


We get the symbolism, but it’s more than a bit heavy handed. Corniness maximum exceeded.

Image Sources: under Creative Commons

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