How summer is making you more stressed

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As ridiculous as it seems, being more stressed during the summer than during the school year is an actual phenomenon. All of a sudden, everything you pushed back during the school year becomes a reality — one which you are not ready to face. Though summer is a time for relaxation, as an overachieving UC Berkeley student, neither are you prone to relaxation nor are you good at it. You are a vulnerable victim of summer stress, and here are some potential reasons why.


1. You see other people being productive when you’re not

Not doing anything all day leaves the uncomfortable feeling of wasting your life in your stomach. Even though you’ve only been lying on your bed checking your social media for 30 minutes, it feels like an eternity when your roommate has successfully coded something complicated for his tech internship. His actions inspire you to roll out of bed and start your day — of doing nothing.

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2. You have time to re-evaluate everything 

All those times you messed up during the school year seemed insignificant as you didn’t have the chance to painstakingly evaluate them. But as soon as you have the time to weigh whether or not you put enough effort into writing essays for your rhetoric class, you realize that you could have had a higher GPA. Yet, there is nothing you can do about it now, except for induce more self-hatred and plan on working harder next semester.


3. Balancing the work and fun becomes more complicated

During the school year, you can easily decide whether or not you should turn up that day by checking the number of homework reminders on your bCourses homepage. But during the summer, you don’t have physical evidence of what you should be doing, so you can guiltlessly brush everything of until the next morning. This plan seems great until you have a conference call with your boss and a massive hangover.

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4. You can wake up at anytime you want! So you wake up at 12 p.m.

Half the day has passed by the time you’ve woken up and gotten ready, which doesn’t help improve your productivity levels.


5. Or you’re low on sleep

And being tired makes everyone stressed and cranky.

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6. Your lack of summer romance

When you have all the time to text a significant other, your phone’s as dead as a doornail. You wonder if your phone is experiencing some technical difficulties, so you shut it off and turn it on again. But unfortunately, you realize the real problem is your unpopularity. Now you’re questioning what you’re doing with your social life, the one thing you thought would go right this summer, on top of everything else.

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