UC Berkeley students are secretly senior citizens

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JULY 13, 2015

Because we are students at UC Berkeley, it’s safe to say that we could never just be normal college students. There are times when the struggle becomes so real that we regress to our infant stage. But it seems like the longer we stay here, the more we act like those on the complete opposite side of the spectrum: senior citizens. Here are some ways UC Berkeley has made us age — and not exactly like fine wine.

Having lower back problems

Lugging around our massive backpacks every day has made backaches a real issue. Our joints just aren’t what they used to be!

Going to sleep as early as possible

We wish we had the energy to do GoPro-worthy things in our spare time, but the truth is that we would rather just go to bed immediately after dinner.

Waking up before the sun rises

We’ll probably never understand why our grandparents wake up so early, but we do it because we’ve been conditioned to run on no sleep. This is most evident during dead week, when everyone scrambles to claim a spot in Main Stacks at the crack of dawn and camps out there all day.

Complaining about noise

We become the archetypal senile old man or woman if it gets too loud while we’re trying to study.

Dreading walking up hills

In our hearts, we have nothing but love for our Berkeley hills, but our legs tell a completely different story. Luckily, we have no problem taking a quick breather on a random bench before completing our daily trek from the Valley Life Sciences Building to Pimentel Hall.

Recalling how cheap everything was back home

We don’t remember when a gallon of milk was only 50 cents, but we do remember how inexpensive groceries were back home, and we wish CVS could show us just a little pity.

Emanating warm fuzzies

We love our school more than anything, flaws and all. The relationships we’ve built, the things we’ve learned and the experiences we’ve had here will stay with us forever. Now isn’t that just the darndest thing!
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JULY 13, 2015

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