An ode to Taco Bell delivery

theimpulsivebuy/Creative Commons

Taco Bell’s announcement that it will be providing delivery services is momentous news. Because the closest Taco Bell is nearly 2 miles from UC Berkeley, it was previously nearly impossible to get your Crunchwrap Supreme on after a night out. Taco Bell delivery will change the late-night snack plans of hardworking students and stoners alike — and many of our pants sizes. Here is a poem dedicated to Taco Bell and how its decision to deliver will touch the lives of many, for better or for worse.


When it was no longer a five-minute walk to Taco Bell,

My life became hell.

Going away to college

Meant I had to give up tacos for knowledge.


God bless the day that Yik Yak

Told me I would once again be able to enjoy my favorite snack.

Because Taco Bell is now able to deliver,

Happiness took over every inch of my body, even my liver.


I never once forgot how its food savors,

For it is so tasteful, so full of flavor.

Anytime I had the munchies,

Taco Bell was always there for me with something crunchy.


Expanding your product for me and many others to enjoy

Is a hella good business ploy,

Because from what I can deduce,

Your services will be in great use.


Image source: theimpulsivebuy

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