Preparing for freshman year during the summer

Mary Zheng/File

We know that starting your freshman year at UC Berkeley can be anxiety ridden. You don’t want to do something hella embarrassing. (Don’t know what “hella” means? You’re in worse shape than we thought.) Sadly, you’re all doomed to some embarrassment your first semester, but we at the Clog are going to try to steer you clear of any mistakes. Just like your teachers always told you, a good school year starts with summertime preparation. Here are our recommendations.


Three things you should be doing this summer:

1. Reading the summer reading

We’re sure that by now, older students have convinced you that it’s a complete waste of your time, but we’re here to convince you of the opposite. We can guarantee you that thousands of other students will read Katherine Boo’s “Behind the Beautiful Forevers,” so don’t be that one person who’s not “on the same page.”

2. Knowing your Tele-BEARS Phase II date

Getting waitlisted for classes is not the most convenient thing, so check what time and day your appointment is, make an alarm for it on your phone, and clear up your schedule. The last thing you want is to not get your classes.

3. Spending as much time as possible with family and friends

Most freshmen end up very homesick during their first semester and fall into a slump, which negatively affects their performance. UC Berkeley will be amazing, but that doesn’t mean you won’t miss your family. So enjoy your time at home so that you can have an even greater time when you come here in the fall.


Things you should not be doing in the summer:

1. Stopping your healthy habits

Many of us fall into slumps of potato chips and missed gym sessions in the summer. This makes it even harder to get into a routine when you start at UC Berkeley. So keep up with your gym schedule, or you’ll be wearing that freshman 15 by September. (Note: If this does happen, it’s totally OK! Weight fluctuation is a totally natural part of life.)

2. Buying your books already

You never know if you’re going to end up dropping or adding a class, and books are way too expensive to be buying before the class even starts. Plus, for some classes, you can survive without buying the textbook. (You didn’t hear that from us.)

3. Becoming a hermit and spending your days watching Netflix

Take some time out of your day to Skype with your future roomies, cook for your family or have a day out with some friends. There will be plenty of time for binge watching when dead week comes around. Take full advantage of all the fun and friends you have at home.

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