Clog’s favorite bad movies

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We at the Clog understand better than anyone what it means to ignore our better judgement and succumb to our deepest, darkest desires (evidenced by the tens of thousands of hours collectively spent on BuzzFeed or Reddit). This same urge can take shape in the form of movies that we know are awful but can’t skip over when we’re flipping through the TV channels. Even if you act like you’re above such pop culture scum, we know that deep down, you’re #TeamEdward for life — and that’s okay. Here are our favorite terrible movies:


1. The Twilight Saga

The tweeniest of all tween movies, Twilight has it all: a human-vampire-and-werewolf love triangle, the birth of a hybrid baby, and a really creepy domineering 150-year old man trapped in Robert Pattinson’s body. The main characters share a total of four facial expressions between the three of them, but somehow, the passionate, totally believable love between Bella and Edward never fails to make our heart swoon and maybe even make us shed a few tears.

2. High School Musical movies

If your roommate catches you watching these, say that it’s only because Troy Bolton went to UC Berkeley! What this trilogy lacks in storyline, it makes up for with its painfully catchy musical numbers. Another love story that we hate ourselves for rooting for, despite the cheesy one-liners.

3. White Chicks

Everything about this movie is completely ridiculous, but at least it’s aware of its own shortcomings. What makes this movie so great is that it doesn’t try to be anything other than what it is: a crude, satirical comedy that includes body paint, facial padding and a Valley-girl accent. That being said, you probably felt like you were losing brain cells every minute spent watching it.

4. Obsessed

Let’s be real here — everyone only watched this movie because it stars Beyoncé and Idris Elba. What everyone didn’t expect was a raunchy, Fatal Attraction-inspired predatory female thriller that has zero substance, coming to a resounding end with a cat fight between Queen B and her man’s stalker. We love it because you don’t have to think about the plot too hard — after all, if you did, it would make no sense.

5. The Last Song

We really wanted to put all of Nicholas Sparks’ book-turned-movies on the list (with the exception of The Notebook), but we thought that was a little harsh, so we chose our favorite worst one. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth fall in love on a beach, and they kiss in the rain and laugh in the back of a pickup truck. There are also some diary-entry monologues by Cyrus, which should already give you a clue about the quality of this film. Nonetheless, it’s always fun watching two beautiful people live the life you could never have!

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