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Forget coffee: morning beverage replacements

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JULY 17, 2015

As college students, we’re all addicted to caffeine. We need our morning cups of coffee in the morning, or we end up walking around pissed at the world because of our exhaustion and headaches. We often forget that there are plenty of other drinks that can wake us up in the morning, many of which have added health benefits. As it seems everyone in Berkeley is going vegan and eating super healthy, why not jump onto the bandwagon and cut off coffee?  We recommend trying out one of these five alternatives:


green smoothie

1. Green smoothies

Green smoothies are some of the best thing you can start your day off with. All you need is a blender, your favorite green veggies and some juicy fruits. For an added caffeine kick, add in some matcha powder — it’s filled with antioxidants! Throw all your ingredients into the blender and add enhancements like chia seeds or protein powder, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Caffeine: if you want!

Eunice Choi/Staff

2. Kombucha

I know, it sounds weird, it looks weird, but it doesn’t taste weird, we promise. It’s a probiotic, so if you are ever feeling a bit queasy in the morning, kombucha’s got you. Although it sounds exotic, most markets have kombucha, so pick one up next time you’re grocery shopping.

Caffeine: no


3. Hot cacao

Hot cocoa in the morning may sound weird as we normally associate it with a fireside winter night. But what we’re recommending is completely different — hot cacao, not hot cocoa.  Hot cacao is made with raw cacao powder, which adds antioxidants and minerals to your hot drink and gives you all the boost of coffee without the caffeine.

Caffeine: no

chai tea latte

4. Chai tea latte 

Tea is probably your best alternative to coffee if you find yourself struggling from keeping your distance from that cup of joe. A chai tea latte is chai tea brewed with milk. The spices are the best part, and when you make it at home, you can completely customize them depending on your preferences. In addition to being delicious, spices have hella health benefits. For example, cinnamon increases your awareness throughout the day while cardamom detoxifies your digestive tract.

Caffeine: yes!

pressed juice

5. Fresh juices

Freshly pressed juices can be made at home with a juicer or purchased at the grocery store. Many juices are from concentrate and filled with preservatives and artificial flavors. Rather than drinking this dignified sugar water, juice your own fruit in the morning. With the right juicer, you can juice anything from pineapple to grapes. It’ll be pricier, but trust us, you can taste the difference.

Caffeine: no

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JULY 17, 2015