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Best running routes in, around Berkeley

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JULY 20, 2015

If the boredom of running on a treadmill for any longer than 15 minutes has become torturous, but you’d like to run for longer than 15 minutes because it’s good for you, it’s time to leave the treadmills at the campus’s Recreational Sports Facility behind. Instead, try running some of the Clog’s favorite routes in and around Berkeley.

Clark Kerr

Clark Kerr Track

Are you bored of the Edwards Track? If so, switch it up by heading to Clark Kerr’s all-dirt track. Because it overlooks the bay, it’s a great place for a sunset run. Added bonus: You’ll probably see at least three cute dogs running or walking with their owners along the track.

 Approximate round-trip distance from campus: 1 mile


Fire trails

This run is hilly, but it’s so worth it because of the views and soft surfaces (we at the Clog are trying to save your knees). Starting out, you will have to run up Dwight Hill past Clark Kerr, but this hill is just a warm-up for the infamous “connector” section. The first half of this run is definitely the most challenging, but the run gets easier after you reach the bench. Just remember that the hills that were a struggle to run up will be a breeze when you’re running back down.

 Approximate round-trip distance from campus: 9 miles


Indian Rock Park

This is a perfect sunset run. Indian Rock makes a great running destination, as it’s about 5 miles from campus, round trip. We recommend taking a break to climb the rock and relax while checking out the view of the bay before running back to campus. And there’s a water fountain at the top.

 Approximate round-trip distance from campus: 5 miles

berkeley marina pied

Berkeley Marina/Bay Trail

This is one of the flattest runs you can do in Berkeley! Once you reach the marina, you can see across the bay to the Golden Gate Bridge on a clear day. So snap a sweet picture at the end of the pier and add a little running emoji to make the perfect “humble brag” of a Snapchat story. If you’re unsure of whether you can make it back from this run’s destination (though we at the Clog believe in you), throw your Cal 1 Card in the pocket of your running shorts so that you can take the 51B back to campus. No one will know that you took the bus home.

Approximate round-trip distance from campus: 10 miles

lake temescal

Lake Temescal

Running to Lake Temescal involves dodging people along College Avenue and one small but steep hill just before the lake, but once you are there, you are rewarded with a flat 3-mile loop for you to run as many times as you want. Or you could just run to Lake Temescal then go back home — we won’t judge you.

 Approximate round-trip distance from campus: 6 miles

Tilden Park
Jessica Gleason/Staff

Tilden Park

Unless you want a really long run, we recommend driving up to Tilden Park then taking advantage of one of the many trails there. If you want to cool off, plan for your run to end at Lake Anza.

 Approximate round-trip distance from campus: depends on route


Image source: Jane HammonsIananRussell Mondy under Creative Commons

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JULY 21, 2015