Celebrating National Ice Cream Day at SoMa StrEat Food Park

In case you weren’t aware, Sunday was National Ice Cream Day. If you’re anything like us, every day is National Ice Cream Day, but it’s always nice when our favorite dessert option gets recognized with its own national holiday. This is, in part, because cool cities such as San Francisco devote a whole food-truck park to ice cream in all of its delicious flavors and forms. We at the Clog obviously had to partake in such an exciting event and would like to showcase (and basically brag) about our experience. The downside: long lines and a $5 entrance fee. The upside: a perfect, sunny day for cold refreshments and a million delicious options (donut ice cream sandwiches, ice cream tacos, beer floats and Dole Whips, to name a few).

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