How to turn childhood games into party games

Mike Linksvayer/Creative Commons

We at the Clog are here to help you corrupt the innocent memories of your childhood by turning some of your favorite childhood games into party games. What better way to enjoy a game day with your friends than to simultaneously incorporate drinks into games you thought you would never play again. Your parents and teachers alike will be so proud to have been the ones who beseeched the knowledge of duck, duck, goose upon you when you are responsibly drinking virgin pina coladas on a Friday night.

If you’re over 21, try incorporating alcohol into these games  and stay responsible!

Simon says

First, have whatever beverage available in the house out in front of each person. Then, instead of asking you to touch you toes, Simon will ask you to do various activities such as “Simon says shotgun a Mexican coke!” Whoever does a command incorrectly drinks and automatically loses.


Musical chairs (musical drinks)

Instead of fighting for a chair, you will be walking a round a table with red Solo cups. Whoever fails to grab a cup when the music ends will have to drink whatever is left on the table.


Duck, duck, goose

Whoever gets picked “goose” will have to finish a shot  of, say, quail egg?   before the “fox” (a.k.a. picker) is able to run around the circle. Instead of the usual exercise of running around chasing people, you get to consume extra calories. Yay!


Drink or dare

Instead of setting up a leeway for your friends to back out of anything adventurous by giving them the option of picking truth, you just have them drink instead.


Four corners

Have a different type of beverage ready at each corner of the room. The designated “it” player will call out a corner. Instead of being “out” when your corner gets picked, you just drink whatever is put forth in each of the corners of the room and continue until everyone gives up.


Hide-and-go-seek (Hide-and-go-drink)

The seeker will search for the players while holding virgin Jell-O shots (unless you can legally drink!). When a player is located, the seeker will hand the person they found the Jell-O shots. The game will continue until the last person is found, who will not have to drink a Jell-O shot so as to stay on their toes while they’re “it” for the next round.



To those of you with lightweight tendencies and/or small bladders, we have a game for you, too. The rules are simple: Whoever loses has to drink . But because Jenga takes a while, there won’t be way too much drinking, so you can pace yourself and not have to worry about overconsumption (or peeing too much).


Pick-up sticks

If you can’t pick up a stick without moving the rest around, you have to drink. As hard as this game is, it will be ever harder when certain beverages are involved.

Image source: Mike Linksvayer

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