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BART adventures: Downtown Berkeley

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JULY 24, 2015

We at the Clog have been working tirelessly to provide you with an easy list of places to go and things to see near some of the most interesting BART stations. Lately, we’ve been straying outside the safe cocoon of the Berkeley zip code. But there’s a whole world to explore right by our very own Downtown Berkeley BART stop. Some of these places you have probably heard of or visited yourself, but we’re sure there will be a few surprises that will reignite your interest in the area you spend most of your semester.


The Cheese Board Collective

The Cheese Board Collective has been a worker-owned establishment since 1971. The Cheese Store and Bakery sells a wide variety of cheeses and pastries, opening at 7 a.m. for breakfast. A couple of storefronts down, the pizza shop sells a single type of pizza, five days a week. The ingredients are always fresh and local, and admittedly, some of the pizzas are for the more adventurous. The toppings might be a surprise, but you can expect it to be delicious. We don’t want to get your hopes up, but this is seriously some of the best pizza in Berkeley.

Price: $2.50 per slice

Address: 1504/1512 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley, CA


Imperial Tea Court’s Berkeley Teahouse

The Imperial Tea Court offers a very calm and unique twist on the average Berkeley tea shop. Don’t expect to come in and have your run-of-the-mill Starbucks iced tea. At the Imperial Tea Court you can order any manner of entrees, dimsum and a Gaiwan Tea Service. Check out the garden area in the back and relax while eating amazing Chinese food and sipping on tea.

Price: Varies

Address: 1511 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley, CA

freight and salvaged

The Freight and Salvage Coffeehouse

At the Freight and Salvage Coffeehouse, you can enjoy coffee, tea, soda and some alcoholic drinks while listening to traditional folk and roots music. Freight and Salvage is a nonprofit organization that survives on the hard work of volunteers, donations and the support of patrons and various local organizations. If you’re interested in listening to international music live at a wonderful venue, Freight and Salvage is the place to go. Check out more information about Berkeley’s international music scene by reading this article.

Price: Varies

Address: 2020 Addison St., Berkeley, CA


People’s Coffee and Tea

When people think about a coffee shop or tea house in Berkeley, the image conjured in their minds looks just like People’s Coffee and Tea. Upon entering, you see bookcases and a maze of tables. Anyone can grab a book and read it while enjoying good coffee or tea. People’s also has some pretty decent food. It’s a nice place to grab a good lunch and study the day away. Order a coffee and pick up a book about something obscure and trendy like early Russian Modernism and learn something for once.

Price: Varies, but fairly inexpensive

Address: 2015 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley, CA

Image source: Jason RoweFlickred! and WCities under Creative Commons

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JULY 23, 2015