Catching UC Berkeley nostalgia

Michael Drummond/Senior Staff
Michael Drummond/File

From mountains or shores, metropolises or small towns, Scandinavia or Asia, UC Berkeley students come from all over the world — you can hear more than 200 different languages on our campus. When summer begins, our friends are just like migrant birds flying back to their own nests, traveling to places both near and far.

Summer break is the best time to cure homesickness. We all go home, sweet home, where 8 a.m. classes don’t exist and we get a chance to catch up on sleep. But we also get to relive the things we’ve missed. When we’re in Berkeley, we miss the comforts of home, and for many of us, that means food.

This feeling is especially strong for international students. Asian students miss Shanghainese cuisine or authentic Thai food. Spanish students miss jamon iberica, and Israeli students miss falafel. But even those of us from the Bay Area find ourselves thinking, “Nothing compares with the — insert your mom’s signature dish here — from home.”  We’re so firm on defending the superiority of the taste of our hometown’s foods that none of the restaurants around Berkeley can please our stomachs.

But strangely, after time back at home, something shifts. Some of us realize that weird roll-looking thing that keeps popping up in our dreams is a vegetarian burrito from La Burrita. Others start imagining the smoky smell of a Calabrese dog from Top Dog permeating their curtains. It’s then that we realize that we’re diagnosed with “Berkeley nostalgia.”

What makes this disease so inexhaustibly incurable is Berkeley’s uniqueness. In humble opinion of us at the Clog, no street in the world matches Telegraph Avenue’s nastiness, smelliness and sense of excitement and spirit. No bell tower is as grand as the Campanile. No gym is so crowded and full of energy as the RSF.

As one of the best universities around the globe, UC Berkeley has many proud and unfinished stories to tell. So, be nostalgic; let’s inherit the spirit of the Free Speech Movement. Be nostalgic; let’s be proud of the discovery of berkelium and californium. Be nostalgic; come back to this campus and always remember that UC Berkeley enlightened you.


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