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Quiz: Which Berkeley-themed emoji are you?

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JULY 29, 2015

Props to Apple for creating an emoji that sums up basically every emotion we feel as college students better than we can even say in words. We at the Clog also appreciate the emojis that we assume were created specifically for UC Berkeley students, such as the bear and the blue and gold hearts. We at the Clog have created this quiz to help you figure out which should be your most frequently used Berkeley-themed emoji!


  1. Where is your favorite place on campus?
    1. Sproul Plaza — I just love flyering.
    2. Wherever Oski is.
    3. Memorial Glade.
    4. North Reading Room.
  2. How do you feel about Oski?
    1. He needs a less creepy outfit.
    2. I love Oski! And it’s my goal to give him a high five at every game.
    3. Go Bears!
    4. He’s our mascot. At least he’s not a tree.
  3. Which best describes how you feel about game days?
    1. I love wearing matching blue and gold apparel with my friends.
    2. Go Bears!!!
    3. Dazed.
    4. I’m too busy studying for game day.
  4. What’s your favorite way to spend a Sunday?
    1. Going on an adventure in the Bay Area to check items off my Berkeley bucket list.
    2. Hibernating.
    3. Day drinking.
    4. Studying and having coffee at a cafe.
    1. IMG_1672 Blue/gold hearts: You love UC Berkeley, and UC Berkeley loves you back! Keep showing your pride.
    2. IMG_1673 The Bear: Your love for Oski might be a little much, but we’re not judging. Keeping rollin’, you Bear.
    3. IMG_1674All of the drinks: You like to have a good time; there’s nothing wrong with that.
    4. IMG_1675Academic emojis: You put your studies first, and for that, we’re proud of you. Keep keepin’ this university great.


Image source: Adam Cohn via Creative Commons


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JULY 28, 2015