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How to interact with someone you’ve hooked up with

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AUGUST 05, 2015

Being chill about a hookup session is overrated. Here is how you to make an ass of yourself and make sure that the person you’ve hooked up will cringe at the sound of your name.


Attempt to contact them on every form of social media.

Don’t let the Snapchat “read” receipt discourage you! Since your one-night stand viewed your story, that person obviously still cares about your life. You should shamelessly attempt to contact them on every single social media until you get a response — or get blocked.


Make sure all of your hookup’s friends know about you two.

As the caring person you are, you want to make sure that your hookup gets the credit he or she deserves for hooking up with you. So confirm to his or her friends that person X has indeed tasted a piece of your magnificent self.


Make constant references about it during a casual conversation.

When talking to an ex-hookup, make sure to constantly remind him or her of the magical night you two spent together. Your ex-hookup probably wants you to bring it up.


Try to talk to your ex-hookup when he or she is flirting with someone else.

To ensure that your ex-hookup gets laid, you should tell the person your hookup is currently trying to get at that you’ve already checked out the good and given it the stamp of approval. After finding out how pleasurable your hookup session was, your hookup’s new interest will definitely want the same experience.


Give your hookup a breakdown of what went wrong.

For the sake of education, you should tell the person you hooked up with a detailed description of what you thought of the experience. Clitor-acy doesn’t just happen overnight.

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AUGUST 06, 2015