5 Twitter accounts every UC Berkeley student should follow

Whether we like to admit it or not, Twitter has become an increasingly important part of our lives. It’s a simple and addictive way to stay connected to local and world news, pop culture, friends and, of course, celebrity gossip. We at the Clog have compiled a list of Twitter accounts that all UC Berkeley students should follow to ensure that you stay in the loop, #ButThatsNoneOfMyBusiness.


  1. @UCBerkeley

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As a student, you should follow your school’s Twitter account. You’ll be the first to know of breakthroughs in science (which seem to be a normal, daily occurrence here at UC Berkeley), new classes for the upcoming semester and worldwide college rankings that place our school in top-10 lists! There’s no better way to show your school spirit than by hitting retweet!


  1. @CalAthletics

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The official Twitter for the Cal Bears, which includes all sports on campus, provides daily news about student-athletes, game schedules and, most importantly, football season! And we thought we couldn’t get any more excited for game days.


  1. @HuffPostCollege

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This account doesn’t cater to UC Berkeley specifically, but it might as well. It never fails to be right on point with tweets that only college students who live the struggle every day can understand. This account is a great source for helpful tips on cleaning, cooking, studying and other things, such as student debts and how to alleviate hangovers.



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If you don’t already follow Lil B, who is a Bay Area native, you really should. The guy tweets like the Energizer bunny, and he never fails to go viral for pretty much no reason at all. Simply put, the Based God has a way with words and probably knows something that we all don’t. Scrolling through his Twitter is one of our favorite ways to procrastinate.


  1. @dailycal


Who doesn’t love shameless self-promotion?! But seriously, The Daily Californian’s Twitter is one of the greatest tools you can use at UC Berkeley. It provides students with accurate and immediately relevant news. Not only that, but it also includes the latest pieces by our talented, candid columnists, as well as posts from yours truly — The Daily Clog — including restaurant recommendations and much more!


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