5 tips to help you get through finals week

For those of us who chose to take summer classes, it’s finals week (or at least for some of us). This is a stressful time for students, and it is important to remember that grades do not define you. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you study and prepare for exams!


1. Remember that you are not alone.

Everyone on campus is currently experiencing similar feelings.

A body was found in the water at Berkeley Marina on Saturday morning.

2. Take a break to take your mind off things.

A change of scenery could be great for refocusing and re-energizing. Take a trip to San Francisco, the UC Botanical Garden or the Marina. Your mental health and sanity are just as, if not more, important than your grades, and it is important to remember that.

coffee break

3. Take breaks while studying.

Go for a walk, bake some cookies or catch up with family members with a phone call.

4. The gym could be a great place to relieve some stress.

Sweat out the anxiety and the poor-choice late-night cramming snacks you consumed.

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5. Have study dates with friends.

Whether you are studying for the same class or not, company while you hit the books could be nice! Some encouragement, or collective bashing of the education system, can help relieve some of your built-up tension.


Keep calm and study on! And remember, we’ll get a real break once finals are over — even if it is short.


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