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Quiz: Which '00s pop rock band are you secretly still into?

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AUGUST 11, 2015

We all grew up jammin’ out to the grungy, incomprehensible screams of bands now only remembered as we binge-watch early seasons of Gossip Girl or One Tree Hill on Netflix. We think back to our elementary school self’s love of Chad Kroeger’s smoker voice with a cringe because, thankfully, as we grew, so did our taste in music. But sometimes, we’re driving alone or sprinting on the treadmill, and nothing but “American Idiot” can get you to push through. We at the Clog want to take a gander as to which ’00s pop rock band you still secretly love.


  1. What was your go-to look in the fourth grade?
    1. Head-to-toe Gymboree (or a comparable children’s clothing store)
    2. Cargo shorts with a cool shirt with a skateboard on it
    3. All-black everything
    4. One of those graphic tees with a joke about video games on it
  2.  As a middle schooler, what did you want to be when you grew up?
    1. A teacher
    2. Video game designer
    3. Librarian
    4. Doctor
  3. What’s your favorite lesser holiday?
    1. Valentine’s Day
    2. St. Patrick’s Day
    3. Halloween
    4. Labor Day
  4. Which word or phrase describes your first day of kindergarten best?
    1. Crayons
    2. Shaggy hair
    3. Lonely
    4. Canadian
  5. It’s a Tuesday night. You’re:
    1. Binge-watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians
    2. Jammin’ out with your roommates
    3. Practicing applying too much eyeliner
    4. Dancing by yourself
    1. You were never actually into pop-rock, so Britney Spears: Your elementary school dream was to be on the cheerleading squad and date the quarterback. Maybe it happened; maybe it didn’t. Either way, you still rock out to “Lucky” when no one is around to judge you.
    2. Green Day: You were the coolest kid in the fifth grade. Everyone was super impressed by your ollie during recess. You love to relive the glory days while jamming out to “Boulevard of Broken Dreams.”
    3. Evanescence: You were way too cool for elementary and middle school. No one really got you, but being misunderstood is the cool thing to do when you’re 11. Sometimes you like to go back to those feelings of being way more mature than everyone around you while listening to “Bring Me to Life.”
    4. Nickelback: In middle school, you followed every trend. You were always the fourth person to do something, whether it was get a Juicy velour jacket or watch PG-13 rated movie. Sometimes you still listen to “Rockstar” and reminisce about days of Lipsmackers and Fruit Gushers.


Image source: Overduebook under Creative Commons

Pressly Pratt is the Blog Editor. Contact her at [email protected].

AUGUST 11, 2015