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How to actually stay in shape this semester

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AUGUST 13, 2015

“I’ll go to the gym tomorrow, no matter what,” said every UC Berkeley student, probably after stress-eating a bunch of Cheetos, ice cream or boba. It’s our favorite lie we tell ourselves because it makes us feel less guilty about our questionable life choices, and at least we’re setting goals, right? Going to the Recreational Sports Facility may be the last thing you want to do when you have exams, reading or homework, but staying active should still be a priority, which is why we at the Clog have come up with some easy ways you can actually stay in shape this semester.


1. Go to a workout class every week

Find a class that you’re interested in — whether it’s Zumba (always a good time), Cycling or Pilates — and build a routine by attending every week. Treat it like one of your classes and don’t skip!


2. Go on a hike

Running on a treadmill with a view of a random dude’s sweaty back gets really old, so make your run enjoyable by finding a route to run or hike in Berkeley. The Big C, Berkeley Fire Trails or even Elmwood are all worthy destinations for a scenic jog.


3. Recruit one of your friends

If you’re going to suffer, you might as well bring someone down with you. All jokes aside, having a workout partner is a good way to push boundaries and hold each other accountable for maintaining a workout routine.


4. Do some ab exercises while you’re watching Netflix

This is progress at its finest. You’re killing two birds with one stone. Do some crunches during eternity that is the House of Cards opening credits.


5. Be conscious of what you eat

Admittedly, snacking on almonds and Greek yogurt isn’t as satisfying as downing a bag of jalapeno chips. But rather than eating fatty foods that bloat you, turn to healthier and more sustainable options when you get the study munchies — and at least now you won’t have to worry about the temptation of chicken strips from GBC!

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AUGUST 12, 2015