Things we said we were going to do this summer but never did

Three months of summer vacation. During that time, we UC Berkeley students have procured internships, taken on summer jobs and slept for entire days straight. When summer begins, we build up great expectations for the multitude of days free from obligation or responsibility — and it usually starts out great. But a few days pass, and then a few weeks, and we find our spirit of adventure and motivation fading into the inevitable boredom and lethargy of having nothing to do. We spend increasingly more hours with our buddy Netflix. We schlump to the fridge and back to the couch again. We yell for our moms to pay attention to us like the little twerps we are. In the spirit of what we could have actually been doing during those hours, we at the Clog have come up with a list of things we wish we’d gotten around to doing this summer but never actually did. Here’s to those lost adventures we’ll keep in our back pockets until next break.

  1. Join the hipsters and go for rainbow hair
  2. Pierce a nipple and/or tattoo our asses
  3. Go camping, act like degenerates and get yelled at by neighboring campers
  4. Go rock climbing and inevitably get stuck at a high altitude when we foolishly steal a glance down
  5. Finally get around to cleaning out our closets, still bursting with the relics of our high school T-shirts
  6. Go running (no, really)
  7. Finish our summer reading lists — OK, come up with and then finish our summer reading lists
  8. DIY a Pinterest cake decorating pin and post the (hilarious) fail
  9. Go on a hike and wander off the trail to find a spot that gives us a truly spiritual experience
  10. Gather up our friends for a road trip
  11. Have a steamy summer romance
  12. Redesign our childhood bedrooms
  13. Go to a museum or art gallery to feel cultured and swanky
  14. Take up yoga
  15. Get ready for some long nights of studying in the fall

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