Bear Territory: editors’ note

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This year, you’re going to drink boba. A lot. You’ll drink so much boba that eventually you’ll have a go-to place that will make all other boba places seem utterly inferior. You’re going to meet so many people with the same name that they will end up becoming a singular amorphous being that embodies all that is wrong with icebreakers and introductions.

Slowly, you’ll learn shortcuts across campus, discover secret corridors in buildings and eat a lot of CREAM along the way. You’re going to get Tele-fucked at least once, and someone on your floor will crack and open up to you about the overwhelming weight of expectations at UC Berkeley.

You’ll make the hike up to the Big C — a hike that your resident assistant swore would only be a 10-minute walk but feels like forever in the dark. Then it will hit you — you’re finally here.

It’s not home yet, but as you dig your toes into the Memorial Glade grass and hear the Campanile chiming away, you’ll realize your place here was never so far off after all.

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