Restrictions may apply: notable rules from residential housing

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Christmas lights and incenses scream “stylish dorm room,” but unfortunately, they are among a slew of items prohibited from the residence halls. While some rules include obvious restrictions, such as no underage drinking and selling illegal drugs, others are a bit more specific.

Microwaves and mini-fridges can only be purchased through a single vendor approved by the campus, and a school of fish can be your floor’s mascot — so long the fish remain in a tank that holds 20 gallons or fewer. And though motorized scooters make traversing Berkeley fun, fast and easy, those bad boys have to stay parked outside.

Whether it’s that an object could be a potential fire hazard (which would be much worse than your average burnt popcorn fiasco) or it’s an action that could endanger the well being and safety of others, these rules are meant to keep residents safe and happy — albeit without the cool college room decorations.

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