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How to make the first day of school a vacation

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AUGUST 24, 2015

The inevitable day of our reckoning is quickly approaching — the first day of class for fall 2015. We at the Daily Clog are already planning our next vacation to Coachella. Until then, the next best option is to create the ultimate vacation experience right on the UC Berkeley campus. Some of these ideas may be a little extravagant, we know. But they’re not the craziest things that have been done on campus. So if you can’t let go of those lazy days of summer, here are some ways to make your first day of class a fabulous vacation.

1. Relax between classes on Memorial Glade

Wednesday marks the first day of classes and the last day of summer — mentally, at least. The weather is scheduled to be in the low seventies so you’d be missing out on a once in a lifetime opportunity if you didn’t attempt to enjoy the unusual temperate weather. Since Berkeley’s weather is as indecisive as Josh Duggar’s moral compass, be sure to bring your sunglasses, sunscreen, a good book and maybe an umbrella. 

2. Have La Val’s Pizza delivered to you

One of the many perks of summer vacation is the availability of delivered food. Instead of packing your own lunch and going through the trouble of making a healthful meal, just order La Val’s and have it delivered to you wherever you are on campus. Trust us, your homemade salad will have nothing on La Val’s barbecue chicken pizza.

3. Hang a hammock among the redwoods on westside

If you’re tired of the summer sunshine but still want a taste of relaxation before you venture deep into the basement of Barrows Hall, don’t forget your hammock! We are fans of camping and if you are too, a hammock spread between two redwoods is a nice way to revisit your favorite summer camping trip. Be careful, we take no responsibility for any rogue squirrels that may try to cuddle with you.

4. Bring a miniature zen garden to all your classes 

The first day of class is always the most stressful — until finals, that is! One way to keep your summertime relaxation going is to bring a miniature zen garden with you to each of your classes. If your professor surprises you with an additional reader and a 10-page research paper due, stare at your zen garden and rearrange the sand and pebbles to your heart’s content. Does your miniature bonsai tree relax you more? Bring it too! The more the merrier.

5. Listen to some tunes on your way to class

One of the great things about summer is that you can listen to your favorite music all day and not do anything else, literally. Our advice? Listen to some tunes that remind you of your days laying at the beach. Or maybe listen to the song that brings back memories of your friends back home. Or better yet, listen to something that reminds you of your family and the precious time you spent with them before heading back to Cal. It’s easy, just plug in your earphones and let your mind retrieve all those summer memories.

Image source: Willem van de Kerkhof under Creative Commons. 

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AUGUST 23, 2015