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Search for the best vegetarian burrito: Gordo Taqueria edition

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AUGUST 24, 2015

My trip to Gordo Taqueria on Telegraph Avenue was one I wanted to save for last because I wasn’t expecting much from the experience. Although I constantly hear great things about Gordo’s burritos, one bad experience long ago made me hesitant to go back. But, as some say, curiosity killed the cat. My desire to try out their vegetarian super burrito was greater than my fear of reliving that unfortunate experience from the past. 

An order of the vegetarian super burrito includes beans, rice, a slice of jack cheese, salsa fresca and veggies like carrots, zucchini and bell pepper.



Presentation was definitely lacking, but Gordo Taqueria is not known for their sit-down atmosphere anyway. I would’ve given them a much higher rating based on that, however, the burrito when fully unwrapped from the foil was almost impossible to hold as it flopped around like a dead fish. The ends were not able to contain the fairly large amount of ingredients.

Rating: 4/10

Ingredients’ distribution:

This burrito gets all the glory for the most well-distributed burrito we have eaten in this series. Every bite was like a uniformed soldier, perfectly put together and not a single thing out of line. We would have given this a 10/10, but the large bits of carrot really threw off the texture of the burrito a little bit.

Rating: 9/10

Distinction of flavors aka “Does it taste good?”:


I’ve made my opinion known before about vegetarian burritos that replace the meat with giant chunks of raw vegetables. I don’t like it when the veggies aren’t fresh — Gordo’s would greatly benefit by grilling their vegetables instead of whatever it is they do to them. Other than that, the beans and rice were well done but the slice of jack cheese has got to go. Like seriously, now.

Rating: 8/10

Chips and salsa:

Chips and salsa were extra, so Gordo Taqueria automatically fails the “Chips and salsa” portion of this review because I didn’t feel like ordering another add-on. However, this does skew the “Comprehensive rating” a bit. So, I’ve  provided two ratings — one with “Chips and salsa” and one without.

Rating: 0/10

Comprehensive rating:

The burrito exceeded my expectations. Without the undercooked large carrot bites, the burrito would definitely be worth going back for.

Rating: Without “Chips and salsa”: 7/10; with “Chips and salsa”: 5.25/10

Price: Super Burrito: $5.85; Guacamole: $0.65; Cheese: $0.45

Address: 2404 Telegraph Ave., Berkeley, CA 94720.

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AUGUST 23, 2015