7 unique inventions to make college easier

Jessica Gleason /File

While there may not be cars flying around like “Back to the Future” suggested there would be by 2015, we are still surrounded by savvy inventions. Some might seem and look strange upon first glance, but they’re actually pretty brilliant. Others you might not even know you need, but can make life a lot easier. We gathered a list of seven noteworthy innovations that have the potential to help with day-to-day college life. Now if someone could invent a type of device to implant our textbooks’ information straight into the brain, that would be great.  

1. Ostrich pillow

For those times we need to camp out in the library for innumerable hours, this invention is perfect! It’s not your average pillow — it eliminates light and can be manipulated to fit your sleeping needs.

2Speech to text recorder

We’ve all had that one professor who talks a mile a minute and whose notes are a disorganized mess — which makes note taking its own personal hell. That’s where this invention would come in handy, as it’s basically a note-taker on a portable level.

 3. Mini tracker for lost items

Never lose your apartment keys or wallet again! You can really put this convenient little tracker on anything, meaning that the one item you happen to lose almost daily will be found in no time. Less stress for you!

 4. Bed shaker alarm

If you’re a heavy sleeper or you just can’t wake up to the sound of a regular alarm, the bed shaker was meant for you. You’ll never again be late to class because you overslept. 

5. 30/30 app

This app lets you set a timer for tasks and is aimed at boosting your productivity. For however many minutes you want to allow yourself to complete a task, you get the same number of minutes off as a reward.   

6. Fake moldy sandwich bags

Stop your roommates from stealing your food in the fridge with these clever bags. They’re sure to stay far away from your stuff in the future!  

7. Metal-detecting shoes

What if earning money was as easy as walking? It could be if you have these shoes. Additionally, you’ll now know if you’ve been living under a gold mine this whole time — just take a walk around your dorm or apartment with these on and reap the benefits!

Do you use a unique invention to help make your college life easier? Be sure to tell us what that item is in the comments.