A quick guide to identifying UC Berkeley freshmen

Michael Drummond/File

It’s the week that classes begin, and that can only mean one thing — incoming freshmen. They’re abundant, eager and, most likely, scared to death. As students who have completed freshman year and lived to tell the tale, we at the Clog have come up with some quick and easy ways to identify some of the fresh meat on campus —  not just by their lanyards.

Spot those freshman by:

  1. The innocence mixed with fear in their eyes as they walk through Sproul Plaza.
  2. The panic on their faces as they attempt to navigate Dwinelle Hall (four years later, it’ll be just as difficult).
  3. The fleeting look of embarrassment when they realize the GPS person’s voice on their phone was on full volume (pro tip for you freshman readers: put in headphones and act like you’re listening to music).
  4. The copious amounts of food they buy at the Golden Bear Café.
  5. Their head-to-toe UC Berkeley spirit wear.
  6. Their nervous, reluctant shuffle into their first discussion section.
  7. The look of total confidence before their first midterm.
  8. The look of complete and utter defeat after their first midterm.
  9. Their brand new, color-coded school supplies (for quick identification, look for a highlighter set and ringed planner).
  10. How they seem to roam around Greek Row in flocks.
  11. How they have to stop and take a picture of everything — from the Campanile to Doe Library.
  12. Their obsession with posting their squirrel interactions on Snapchat.
  13. Their infatuation with CREAM (come on y’all, Ici is just down the street). 
  14. How they walk right up to the people tabling on Sproul (that’s a mistake they’ll only make once).
  15. The excitement in their eyes (when they’re not masked in fear) and their open minds, just waiting to be inspired.

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