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QUIZ: Where should you treat your parents after your big move-in?

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AUGUST 26, 2015

The school year is upon us and we’ve all moved to our dorms, apartments and houses. Now that the hassle is over, take a moment to consider: who helped you with this big move-in? Most likely, our tired but generous parents. Frankly, they deserve some love and thanking, in the form of food. Therefore, we at the Daily Clog have found the perfect places to treat your parents as thanks for all that they’ve done — take this quiz and find out where you should go!


  1. What’s your parent’s idea of the perfect meal?
    1. Pizza.
    2. 3 course sit-down meal — the fancier, the better.
    3. Who needs food? Coffee.
    4. Ice cream. Ice cream is a meal, right?
    5. Street food — you’ve got to be adventurous sometimes.
  2. How much money are you willing to spend? (be honest)
    1. Moderate. I want to treat them, but I’m still on a college student’s budget.
    2. A ton. My parents deserve the best. Literally, just the best.
    3. Ehhhh…
    4. A little. I’ve got 20 bucks to spare.
    5. Meh, I don’t care — my parents aren’t picky anyways.
  3. What’s their idea of the perfect ambiance?
    1. Loud, bustling and open.
    2. Candle-lit, dark and cozy.
    3. Bright, open and friendly.
    4. Small, quaint and pretty.
    5. Outdoors, eclectic and classic.
  4. What’s your relationship like with your parents?
    1. Very good. We love each other and I already miss them so much.
    2. Meh, we get along.
    3. I’d say it varies — sometimes I make them really mad.
    4. I forget to talk to them, but when we do talk, it’s ok.
    5. I’d say it’s pretty nonexistent.
  5. How thankful are you for your parents?
    1. So thankful. I couldn’t do anything without them — like, literally.
    2. I appreciate them.
    3. I’d say I’m thankful for them … sometimes.
    4. It really depends on the situation.
    5. Not very thankful. Everything I’ve done, I’ve done on my own.
    1. The Cheese Board Collective. This pizza joint specializes in one, unique pizza each day. The flavors are always fresh, the sourdough crust is always perfectly chewy, the pizzas are always fresh and hot and the ambiance is always fun and free, with live music and outdoor seating. Treat your parents to a pizza that they’ll never forget. They’ll thoroughly enjoy not only the food and environment, but also the company.
    2. Angeline’s Louisiana Kitchen. For an intimate and homey dinner, head over to Angeline’s Louisiana Kitchen with your parents. It is undoubtedly a crowd-pleaser. The fried oysters, crispy hush puppies, po-boys, fried chicken, gumbo and banana’s foster bread pudding are just some of the amazing selections on the menu. Your parents will be impressed that you took them to such a delicious and staple restaurant in Berkeley to thank them for helping you move in.
    3. Philz Coffee. Philz has a wide variety of coffee grinds, flavors and combinations. From mint mojito iced coffee and ginger snap iced coffee to “Philtered Soul” hazelnut cocoa roast, the flavors are interesting and satisfying. Your parents will enjoy drinking where the locals frequent and getting a glance into one of the most beloved coffee shops in town.
    4. Ici Ice Cream. Ici is the go-to place to treat your parents to something sweet. Offering up special, unique flavors every day, it will surely introduce your parent to a new favorite. The homemade cones with chocolate at the base and the blue bottle coffee affogato make this ice cream shop the best.
    5. Cafe Brazil Restaurant. This place offers quick street food that is unbelievably tasty. The famous tri tip sandwiches and hot plates are some of the best you will ever taste. Take your parents to Cafe Brazil Restaurant and they’ll be asking for it every time they are in town — trust us.


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AUGUST 26, 2015