What to do during Welcome Week

Cesar Ruiz/File

It might seem like every night of Welcome Week people are only heading to frats, another party or desperately trying to get into Kip’s with a fake ID. But, there’s so much more going on! If you want a calmer night or going out isn’t for you, consider one of these options:

  1. Go to San Francisco: Hop on Bart and get dinner in the city with your friends. One of our favorite places to go in SF at night is Ghirardelli Square. If you haven’t been there, you can’t miss it!
  2. Get dessert: Save room for a treat after your Crossroads feast! From froyo, to ice cream sandwiches and vegan cinnamon rolls, your dessert options in Berkeley are endless.
  3. Attend the activities that your RA plans: These are a great way to bond with your floor and with your RA who most likely put a lot of effort organizing events for you and your roommates. Seriously, give yourself a chance to meet your floormates. You never know, they might end up being your best friends!
  4. Explore College Avenue: Wander down College Avenue and create a bucket list of restaurants you and your friends want to try out. Since classes start today, make sure to hit them up ASAP before you get tired of dining hall food. Trust us, it will happen.
  5. Go to a concert: Take advantage of living in the Bay Area while you’re not stressed about school and head to a show in Berkeley, Oakland or SF. Our personal favorites are Yoshi’s in West Oakland for great Japanese food and live concerts as well as The Honey Hive for great art and live music.
  6. Night hike the Big C: You haven’t actually hiked the Big C if you’ve only done it during the day! The view is way more exciting at night with Berkeley and San Fransisco’s building lights twinkling in the distance. Hike up just before sunset and stay until the stars come out. The view is seriously breathtaking, so make sure to bring a camera!
  7. Attend a club meeting/practice: Look at the flyers you received during Caltopia and check out some of those clubs and organizations! A great way to be involved on campus is to try out new things. Get out of that comfort zone and go to a club’s first meeting or try out for a sport. Who knows? You might discover your new passion.
  8. Go to a movie: Gather your new friends and organize a movie night out. There are plenty of theaters around campus including Rialto Cinemas on College Avenue and Shattuck Cinemas down Shattuck Avenue. Remember to bring your Cal ID so you can get a student discount! But how could you forget it, since it’s probably attached to a lanyard that also has your dorm keys.
  9. Start studying: … Just kidding, unless that makes you happy. At some point, it would be beneficial to do assignments and read through the piles of syllabuses you just received. But really, you should try to plan ahead to be on top of your schoolwork this semester!
  10. Attend an event hosted by New Student Services: New Students Services is ready to welcome you to campus with a variety of events ranging from a concert on the glade to a comedy show. Check out their website for all of the details. Maybe you will even find an event with free food!