A breakdown of your semester in shopping lists

Ariel Hayat/Senior Staff

As students at UC Berkeley, we are used to experiencing either extreme highs or extreme lows — in fact, these fluctuations in things like stress, mood and amount of sleep are so predictable they can be accurately plotted on a timeline of a typical UC Berkeley student’s semester. Today, we at the Clog can flex our graph muscles and plot your weekly spending according to your stress levels — so you’ll know in advance when to build “endless junk food” into your monthly budget.  

Syllabus Week:

  • notebooks, binders, folders, pencils, highlighters
  • overpriced textbooks
  • overpriced readers
  • Camelbak water bottle that you’re overly excited about but that you will probably lose in a month
  • Birkenstocks
  • fresh vegetables and meats because you think you’ll actually have time to cook (lol)
  • a new rug for your apartment or residence hall
  • toiletries

Midterm Season:

  • the textbook you didn’t think you needed that turned out to be the capstone of the course
  • coffee to fuel you on your walk to get more coffee
  • a Red Bull (or two — or three)
  • Cheetos or guilt-snack-of-choice for stress-eating purposes
  • scantron or green book
  • Hot Pockets, pizza rolls, and other frozen foods 
  • cereal and milk (who has time to cook the frozen foods?)

RRR Week:

  • BART ticket to San Francisco for the one free day you gave yourself (and another one for when it turns into two)
  • new clothes and new shoes because shopping is the best form of procrastination
  • alcohol
  • coffee, as usual, when you start to study
  • Monster and espresso shots toward the end the week (you’ll take whatever when you realize your impending doom)
  • food of an appropriate size to smuggle into libraries (if you’re awake, you’re at Main Stacks)

Finals Week:

  • your last scantrons of the semester
  • some new pencils for appearance’s sake
  • a Chipotle burrito — or five
  • a plane ticket back home — finally


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