Falling back into Berkeley: editors’ note

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Whether it’s your first, last or somewhere-in-between semester, the fall marks a notable change in the seasons when we must all say goodbye to bathing suits and flip-flops and wave hello to Scantrons and reading lists.

In Berkeley, the transition from summer to fall is insane. The population swells with incoming students, and the temperamental weather during midterm season will make you want to strip down and run around campus naked — which you might actually consider doing this semester.

To get you all situated, we crafted our content to keep you in the know. If you’re back in the Bay, check out what happened over the summer. Whether you need some movie inspiration or want to find out about our city’s namesake, it’s all in here.

We hope this special edition will prime your brains for the coming change — and not just that we finally have a student center again. We hope you open your hearts to the endless opportunities the changing seasons bring, and your brains to the intellectual stimuli all around you.

Hit the books, stay cool, and peace out.

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