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What to expect at sorority Bid Day

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SEPTEMBER 02, 2015

Whether or not you are involved in, or even a fan of, Greek life, the topic is unavoidable during Fall Formal Recruitment. Recruitment posts take over Facebook, Instagram and every other social platform that we as UC Berkeley students like to follow. Even the jokes on Yik Yak center around making fun of Greek stereotypes. All jokes aside, the Greek community is a desirable lifestyle choice for many, and if you are rushing or planning on rushing anytime during your college career, here is what to expect.


Don’t expect to be best friends with everyone immediately

Bid day is awesome and exciting, but it can also be a bit awkward. Don’t worry if you feel like you’re not close to all your newfound sisters right away. It’s impossible to bond with every girl in your new house and pledge class in one night. Keep being involved, and the relationships will easily develop.


Sorority sisters will ask you about your summer, major and living situation

Because we can’t all automatically bond with, say, all 39 girls, some good filler conversations are unfortunately basic topics, such as your summer vacation. That and your mutual love for Netflix, of course.


It will be hard to keep all the information straight

As much as you struggle with reading Greek letters already, you will have an even harder time now, when you have to be careful not to mix up the Hannah from ΑΟΠ and the Hannah from ΑΧΩ. Though the booklet does help, 30 seconds of note-taking on each sorority can only help you so much.


You will not want to be social for the rest of the day

After having to interact with females for so many hours and being overloaded with estrogen, it is likely that your roommate will not find herself in the company of your usual bubbly self. Food, shower and bed are the most appealing options at this point.


You might love a sorority that your best friend isn’t particularly fond of

Though all the sororities have many great qualities to show off, we all connect with each one differently. As similar as you think your soul sister is to you, you two can still have a completely different experience and opinion of the same house.

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SEPTEMBER 01, 2015