2015 VMAs through the eyes of a UC Berkeley student

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As we pushed our first reading assignment of the semester aside — unfinished — and propped in front of the TV, we were oblivious to the coming whirlwind of Hollywood drama. This year’s MTV Video Music Awards were one jaw-dropping moment after another. Where do we start? Miley? Kanye? Nicki?

Let start with Miley Cyrus, the host of the show this year. Her hosting gig came as a surprise considering she was banned from the VMAs two years ago for grinding on Robin Thicke during their performance of “Blurred Lines.” But Miley certainly does not fail to surprise us. She came onto the stage in one barely-there costume after another. The word marijuana was flying around left and right, as if it were 4/20 on Memorial Glade. Since when is this a thing on cable TV? MTV? It seemed to be a desperate attempt to attract a younger demographic. We get it Miley. You smoke weed. Congratulations — so do we.
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Nicki Minaj opened the show with a performance alongside Taylor Swift, her ex-feud buddy. But later she got up on stage to accept an award for best something-or-other and expressed herself without holding back — just like our favorite Friday afternoon preachers on Sproul Plaza. After she made her acceptance speech, she called out host Miley Cyrus for apparently talking negatively of her in the press recently. She looked like she was ready for a fight, but unfortunately, we did not get to see the two battle it out. Miley responded quickly saying Nicki should know that the media twists words around. We can’t quite decide who we would place our bets on in that cat fight. “What’s good Miley?” “WHAT’S GOOD?” — the question will haunt philosophy majors at UC Berkeley for decades to come.

Oh, and why did Justin Bieber cry? Also, do we care? Nope, moving on. We’ve got world problems to solve. But, actually though.

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Okay so Kanye … for president? What? He was all smiles while sitting in the audience, even dancing during some of the performances — a side of  Kanye we’ve certainly never had the pleasure of seeing before. But when he got on stage to accept his award, things got, well, awkward. His speech escalated very quickly, starting off with something about “fresh juice” and concluding with his presidential announcement — we think he could use some help from the ASUC and their campaign strategies. Also, we’re all about KimYe but perhaps you should’ve talked that one out with your wife first, Mr. West. “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” … in the White House! Now, that we would leave essays unwritten for!

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Let’s not forget Taylor Swift, who just happens to win every single thing she’s nominated for — just like every UC Berkeley Nobel Laureate. Then, in fine class and grace she presented Kanye’s award, praising him endlessly after he humiliated her six years ago on the same stage. Anyone else think she’s annoyingly perfect? Oh and she gave a beautiful speech we think many UC Berkeley students would agree with about how we should be happy that in 2015 boys can play as princesses and girls as soldiers. Bravo, Taylor, bravo. You always manage to come out on top.

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