Reasons why you’re already behind in class

Michael Drummond/File
Michael Drummond/File

It’s been just over a week of classes and you’re already behind on readings, homework assignments and projects. We at the Daily Clog aren’t here to judge, in fact we totally understand.  Here are our personal favorite excuses about why schoolwork has fallen behind some other activities on your priority list. Some are more legitimate than others, but feel free to take a look:

1. You haven’t finalized your schedule

You don’t want to do work for a class you’re ultimately not going to take. So, you’re playing it safe and avoiding doing work for every class you’ve registered for on Tele-BEARS. If you’re still on the waitlist for a class you actually want to take, you’re doing a good job taking the waiting  part of “waitlist” very seriously by avoiding doing any work for this class.

2. You haven’t bought your reader(s) yet

You wanted to try to see if it was possible to pass your P/NP class without buying the readers. You might be rethinking this idea by about week seven of the semester, but for now you’re not really concerned. Also, readers are heavy. Who even wants to carry those around?

3. Rush Week

Your cheeks hurt from smiling. You’re tired from shaking so many hands. Walking upstairs to bed after making a midnight snack is the ultimate struggle right now, so even thinking about school makes you want to cry. Send help.

4. My parents aren’t here to tell me to do my homework

You’re one of those freshman who is overwhelmed with all the newfound freedom college allows. No one is looking over your shoulder or telling you not to go out on a school night. Almost everything you’ve done in the past week would shock your parents, but that’s part of what the college experience is all about, right?

5. I’m too busy enjoying the beautiful weather

Since it still feels like summer, you’re going to pretend classes haven’t started yet. You told yourself you would do homework while tanning on the Glade, but when you pulled out your laptop the sun was too bright. Don’t worry, it’s not your fault, or at least that’s what we tell ourselves.

6. You’ve extended your labor day weekend to start a few days early

We get it, one full week of class is exhausting. You deserve to expand your long weekend to recover from the beginning of the semester stress. Since UC Berkeley doesn’t have a fall break, you’ve decided to make your own before fall officially starts, that way you can schedule a second as needed.

7. Netflix marathons

While some might consider this procrastination, we consider it preparation for the DeCal you’re going to take this semester. If the show you’re watching doesn’t have a DeCal, keep watching because you could create one for the next semester. Planning a class is tough work, so if you want your future DeCal to be a success, you’re on the right track — keep doing what you’re doing.

8. Too busy exploring Berkeley 

Between hiking the fire trials, running in Tilden and going out to eat on College Avenue, there’s simply no time for schoolwork. You’re extremely eager to check off all of the items on your Berkeley bucket list during the first month of school so you can make a new one!

9. You’ve stopped attending all classes that happen before 10 a.m.

Obviously, you need your beauty sleep. Maybe next semester you’ll try to avoid classes you know you will sleep through, or at least make sure they are webcasted. How can you get to an 8 a.m. if you got home at 2 a.m.? Serious question.

10. Senioritis has hit you

Only T minus 240 something days until the class of 2016 graduates! But who’s counting?


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